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Design • Motion Graphics • Narrative • 2023


Identifying Emotions: Children's Video Series

Concept Overview

This motion graphics video series, using examples performed by the animated heart character "Tutu," aims to help young learners identify and name their emotions.

Statement of Need

Children experience an array of emotions, but pinpointing exactly what they are feeling can be a struggle. If learners can recognize and understand their experience, they can more easily manage their emotions.

Concept Description

Heart and Soul, a motion graphic video series, portrays various examples of emotions for young children. The main character, Tutu, is a heart; this aligns with the typical symbolism of the heart as the emotional center of the body. As learners view Tutu experiencing emotions across different activities and settings, they can begin to grasp the look and feel of different emotions. The first video in this series will explore happiness, as can be seen in the Heart and Soul prototype. For slightly older learners, the videos can cover more complex emotions, such as contentment.

Target Audience

The target learners for this project are children in preschool to kindergarten, approx. age 3-6:

At this age, children can start identifying and regulating their emotions. As the videos include virtually no text or narration, there should be no language or geographic barriers to learning. 

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