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Design • Audio • Narrative • 2023


Language Learning

Concept Overview

This audio project will plunge early Italian learners into the relatable story of an American putting her language skills to the test while dining in Rome. Through its incorporation of simple Italian sentences, this audio experience aims to expand learners’ knowledge of the Italian language.

Statement of Need

Keeping up with language lessons can be difficult when the content does not feel practical, conversational, or relatable. Placing a beginner’s Italian lesson in the context of an Italian restaurant through a fun, immersive audio scene can help learners stay motivated to keep practicing.

Concept Description

This project takes advantage of the affordances of audio to incorporate the listening and speaking skills inherently involved in Italian language learning. Through audio, learners will dive into the story of Lizzie, an American visiting her friend Isabella in Rome. When the two friends go out for dinner, Lizzie acknowledges the inadequacy of her Italian skills. As Isabella provides Lizzie with much-needed guidance about the language, listeners will be able to expand their knowledge of Italian alongside Lizzie. Overall, the story of Lizzie encapsulates, engages, and encourages the struggling language learner.

Target Audience

The target learners for this project are 18-65-year-old Americans who identify as Italian language novices. In general, this demographic consists of individuals who will be

  • open-minded about learning new language skills

  • willing to travel to Europe

  • familiar with Lizzie's accent

  • empathetic toward her struggles with pronunciation and cultural immersion

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