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Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: Script

Lizzie: Wow, Isabella, what a cute restaurant!


Isabella: Sì


Lizzie: I’m just loving everything about Rome. Honestly, I think I could see myself living here.


Isabella: Perfetto!



Host: Buonasera!


Isabella: Buonasera, un tavolo per due, per favore.


Lizzie: I know good evening, but I’m going to assume you asked for a table for two?


Isabella: Sì.


*Footsteps* *Pulling out chairs*


Host: Buon appetito!


Isabella: Grazie.


Lizzie: Thanks for always doing the heavy lifting with the Italian, Isabella. I would never get seated at a restaurant without you. Clearly, I need to get better at my Italian if I actually want to move here. I only speak a little bit. Or I should say, parlo un po’ italiano. Will you please help me learn? When in Rome, right?


Isabella: Sì, certo!


Lizzie: Okay, I know what that means. You said, yes sure! Thank you! Thank you! I mean…grazie! Okay, first question: so if I wanted to say, we are having dinner at the restaurant, how would I phrase it?


Isabella: Noi ceniamo al ristorante.


Lizzie: Noi ceniamo al ristorante. Alright, well, if we are actually going to have dinner at the restaurant, we better look at the menu, or…?


Isabella: È un menu.


Lizzie: Menu. Okay, easy enough! What are you in the mood to eat?


Isabella: Voglio mangiare pollo.


Lizzie: You want to eat chicken. Did I get that right?


Isabella: Sì.


Lizzie: Okay, well voglio mangiare pasta.


Isabella: Aglio e olio?


Lizzie: Oh, garlic and oil. Good call. I’ve had my fair share of that dish at Italian restaurants back home. I’m guessing those dishes won’t compare to this, will they?


Isabella: *Laughter* No.


Lizzie: Okay well I was leaning toward pasta al Pomodoro because I love tomatoes, but I think your definitive “no” convinced me on the aglio e olio. And honestly, what’s not to like about garlic and oil?




Lizzie: Oh look, here’s a waiter!


Isabella: Un cameriere.


Lizzie: Okay, let me try to order my pasta from “un cameriere.” Vorrei means “I’d like,” right?


Isabella: Sì.


Lizzie: Great. Here goes nothing. Buonasera, signore. Vorrei pasta aglio e olio, per favore.


Man: Non sono un cameriere.


Lizzie: Oh my god, that’s so embarrassing. He’s not the waiter, is he?


Isabella: *Laughter* No.


Lizzie: Well,  buona sera, signore! Grazie!


The End.

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