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Design • Augmented Reality • Narrative • 2023


Outer Space Scavenger Hunt

Concept Overview

Using Augmented Reality (AR), Space Odyssey brings outer space to the inner space of learners’ homes. Through this game, learners can uncover insights about the spectacular sights within our universe.

Statement of Need

AR allows learners to access the planets and the stars from the comfort of their own couches, enabling them to visualize what would otherwise be difficult to see without a telescope. While VR would likely also work well for this game, AR enables this experience to be easily accessible for learners at large, requiring no extra equipment beyond a phone or tablet.

Concept Description

Space Odyssey incorporates AR to create an immersive scavenger hunt experience for learners. Using their phones or tablets, learners can wander around their rooms among the stars, searching for the answers to questions about the night sky, the solar system, and the universe at large. As they proceed along this scavenger hunt, trying to identify the correct celestial objects, they will learn about astronomy and experience a sense of wonder. The questions will get increasingly difficult as the game progresses, starting with basic facts about planets and moving into more detailed information about stars, galaxies, black holes, and supernovae.

Target Audience

The target learners for this project are ​English-speaking children, age 8-12:

This audience consists of learners who will have limited astronomy knowledge but strong reading skills, as well as access to phones or tablets. Astronomy can appeal to learners all around the globe.

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